Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gutzy Gear Review

Have you heard of Gutzy Gear?  It is the newest, coolest backpack accessory for elementary age kids!  See the pic?  That's my oldest son.  He's in 3rd grade, and all his friends at school are asking his where'd he get them and how can they get some for themselves!

Each package comes with two straps and one patch.  The Gutzy Gear straps can be everything from Smileys to food to animals and sport!  My oldest son loves the food patches while my middle son who is almost 7 and in the 1st grade loves the guitar and music patches and the animals.  There is something for just about every kid!

Not only can Gutzy Gear be used on your back pack straps, but you can also use them on a duffle bag or suit case, guitar strap, skateboard strap, or even a seat belt!  I don't know the safety factors involved in using a Gutzy Gear strap cover on a seat belt, and I am not suggesting it, but it doesn't seem much different than the covers you can purchase that are made for that purpose and Gutzy Gear can be personalized!

This is MY favorite part, though.  They aren't iron on patches and they aren't sew on patches!!  They are made with SUPER strong velcro on the back!  How cool is that?!  That way the kids can move them around and change them out all on their own!

All of the kids that came to the party we had and that we've given the Gutzy Gear to have LOVED it!  I haven't heard any negative feedback at all.  The only thing I have heard people ask is where they can get more of the patches.  A friend of mine lives in North Dallas, and she said she saw some at the Wal-Mart near her house, however I live in North Forth Worth, (about an hour's drive from her) and I haven't seen the patches for sale anywhere around here yet.  I am sure they will be popping up in stores everywhere very soon.  They are just too cool!

Thank you so much for letting us try out the Gutzy Gear and share them with our friends!

(Disclaimer: All opinions are my own.  I received this item to review and keep and was not compensated for doing so.)

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