Thursday, August 23, 2012

At the Movies with Kids - "Paranorman"

I took my oldest son (8 years old) to see this movie last weekend with his friend and his friend's mom.  We got our tickets, bought our drinks and popcorn, and settled into our seats in the (almost completely full so we had to sit in the front) theater.
This movie was cute!  The animation was really amazing, and the story line was excellent.  I would compare this to "Coraline".
My son has been having nightmares of zombies since then, unfortunately, though.  There were a few times during the movie that I jumped and my son grabbed my arms in fear.  This was the scariest movie he has ever seen, though.  He has never seen anything zombies before, and so afterwards, my husband pulled out his book about different monsters and let him read about all the different ones.
Overall, I would give this movie a 4 out of 5 stars.  I think it is great for kids that are probably 7 and older.
And....keep a look out in a few months for a "Paranorman" giveaway!

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