Thursday, July 12, 2012

I am Enough

Bubble Painting

 The boys were wanting to paint yesterday, and Wyatt was wanting to blow bubbles, so I thought to myself Why not do both?  
And that is exactly what we did!
I made a solution by mixing some dish washing liquid and water, about 50/50.  I added about 15 drops of food coloring to each cup, stirred, and added a straw so they could blow the bubbles over their papers.
They really loved this activity.

This is what they looked like after they made them, while they were still wet.

This is what the paintings look like now, after they have dried.
Aren't they great?  We will save them, and use them in a future craft.

Sensory Pasta Play

Wyatt loves to help me cook.  Sometimes, I am cooking something that he just really shouldn't be helping with because I don't want him to get hurt.  That't when I like to busy him with a small bag of alphabet pasta (10/$1 at the super market) and various sizes of bowls, spoons, and meauring cups.  I also took a piece of card stock, put on of each of the letters of the alphabet stickers on it, and let him match the pasta letters to the letters on the card stock.  This activity kept him busy for the entire time I made dinner yesterday.  When he was done playing, I put the pasta up for next time.

Color Matching Game (DIY)

I have been working with Wyatt on color recognition.  He's 2.5yrs old, so this is an important activity for him right now for his development.  I made this game for him.  It basically works like a matching game, but it's just the primary and secondary colors (red, blue, yellow, purple, orange, and green) and you say the color when you flip a card over (to help enforce the recognition).
To make these, we picked up some of the large paint chip cards from Lowe's last weekend.  I cut them into two small squares each, glued a cute scrapbook paper on the back, and waited for them to dry. Ta-da!  Free, fun, educational activity for your toddler!

New Blog, New Adventure

All three of my children love imaginative play, and that is why I am writing this blog.  Hopefully, this blog will not only inspire some of you and your children, but also continue to enrich the relationship between myself and my own three beautiful boys.
Enjoy the time spent On Imagination Lane. <3