Wednesday, September 5, 2012

When the kids are away, does Mommy play?

My oldest two kids go to school.  Hunter is in 3rd grade and Hayden is in 1st grade.  They have both asked me on numerous occasions what their 2 year old brother and I do all day while they are in school.  Some of the things they think we do are sort of silly.  They have made me giggle.

*Do you go to Legoland?
*Do you go to Six Flags?
*(after learning we had gone to Target)  Did he get to look at the toys?  Did he get a new toy?
(Surely I am not the only Mom that can't take a trip to Wal-Mart or Target with kids without walking through the toy section..)
*Did you go on a bike ride?  (This is sometimes a yes.  I need exercise, and I have a chair attached to my bike for Wyatt.)
*Did you go swimming?  (We don't have a pool, and the public pools are closed now.  Well, at least the outdoor ones are...)
*Did you go to the museum?  (They are talking about the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.  We have a membership, and we do sometimes go during the day for an hour or two.  They all LOVE this place.)
*Did you play Lego Star Wars? (They are referring to the PS3 game.  I don't play video games, and I assure you the 2 year doesn't either.)
*Did he go to McDonald's for lunch?  
*Did you play with my toys?
*Did you read my books?
*Did you go to the park?  (Sometimes when it's nice out, we do this.)

They really do worry about this stuff!  I tell them that the majority of the day is spent doing craft projects, playing with playdoh and Duplo blocks, and practicing ABC's, colors, and shapes and cleaning the house.  Sometimes we go to play dates also.  They get so jealous if Wyatt gets to do something that they don't.  I think they don't think about all the fun stuff they get to do at school, and that they got to spend time at home with Mommy when they were 2 years old also.
Silly boys.